The Enhanced by T.C. Edge

Did not finish at 75%

Summary: Brie lives in a dystopian world where people are either enhanced (have powers) or unenhanced. She is an unenhanced living in the outer edge, just trying to get by. Her parents died a long time ago, so she’s living in an orphanage with her best friend, Tess. There’s a resistance of sorts going on, people are getting killed, and Brie finds out she’s more special than she realized.

My Thoughts: I could have gotten past the typical dystopian terms, like enhanced, inner haven, and the nameless, but honestly, I’m just getting bored at this point. I think the main problem is that there’s not much conflict. Yes, people are dying, but that doesn’t seem to be a major plot point. And there is the mystery of the nameless and hybrids, but all the information Brie finds out comes way too easily to her. People are just telling her what is going on, sometimes without her even having to ask any questions.

Sometimes, I stick with these types of books because of the possibility of a romance subplot, but I’m pretty sure where I stopped the love interest was just introduced, and it was kind of a weak introduction. So now I’m bored with every aspect of the plot.

I was obviously interested for the first 75%, so it’s not all bad, but the stakes just need to be raised to add tension. Perhaps make the deaths people the main character cares about or have another subplot alongside the mystery.


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