Friday Freebie

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The Opposite of You (Opposites Attract #1) by Rachel Higginson

Vera has come back to her hometown to follow some semblance of her dream as a chef. Unfortunately, that means owning a food truck across from the famous chef, Killian, who is too arrogant and pretentious for words. With the daily struggles of working in a kitchen and an old terror returning, Vera finds she may need an arrogant jerk to regain her confidence. 4/5 stars

Beard Science (Winston Brothers #3) by Penny Reid

Jennifer, the Banana Cake Queen, has been under her parents' thumbs for too long, and after seeing one of the Winston brothers, Cletus, in an precarious situation, she thinks she's found her answer. The whole situation would be a lot easier, though, if only he wasn't so incredibly intimidating, and if only he didn't want her to actually be herself. 4/5 stars

A Boy Like You by Ginger Scott

Joss learned all her mad ball-playing skills from her Dad. Except, now he doesn't really care about teaching her or even coming to her games. He hasn't cared since the day she almost died. And now there's a few new kids in school, and one of them seems a whole lot like the one who saved her that day. Maybe with the help of her savior, she'll once again regain her life from the dark hole it's in. --2/5 stars

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