A Boy Like You by Ginger Scott

Rating: 2/5 stars

Summary: Joss learned all her mad ball-playing skills from her Dad. Except, now he doesn’t really care about teaching her or even coming to her games. He hasn’t cared since the day she almost died. And now there’s a few new kids in school, and one of them seems a whole lot like the one who saved her that day. Maybe with the help of her savior, she’ll once again regain her life from the dark hole it’s in.

My Thoughts: I did like the beginning. It was cute, and the author did a good job of giving voice to a nine-year old. But it just got worse from there.

First off, I did not like the main character. I think, maybe, we’re not supposed to like her at the beginning, but I really cannot stand a “woe is me” character for the entire story. Especially when the main love interest sounds like he had a way worse childhood, but that’s pushed under the rug. And especially when it turns out her main issue, her dad not loving her enough, turns out to be a nonissue because he loved her all along.

Another issue I had is that I had no idea where this book was going in terms of the whole savior aspect of the love interest. Honestly, at one point, I thought it might turn into a superhero book. It was just weird.

My last main issue is that the romance did not feel believable. I don’t know why either character likes the other, let alone loves each other. Joss was kind of mean for a while and Wes was doormat.


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