Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone UPDATE 1

Welcome to my first review! And no, I won’t just be reviewing Harry Potter books, but I am re-reading the first book with my younger brother, so I thought it’d make a perfect start.

Now, as I am reading with my brother, it’ll probably take a while to finish it, so I’ll just come back to it every once in a while.

We’re four chapters in, and Hagrid just showed up. Not that I’m bored or anything, but I forgot how slow the beginning is. I mean, Rowling had so much to set up, it makes sense, but as we’re reading, I keep getting nervous that my brother will get bored. So far, he likes it, so fingers crossed!

Be back to review more later!



We just finished Chapter 5: Diagon Alley, and wow what a great chapter. In this chapter, you really see the magic that is this series. So many weird terms and topics, like galleons, quidditch, and goblins, are first introduced, but it works because it’s all new for Harry too.

I’ve always loved the beginning of this chapter too, when they’re at the Leaky Cauldron and he has to shake everybody’s hands. The realization that he’s really famous is such a cool moment.

And it was especially an awesome moment when Harry learns why his wand is so curious. I looked over at my brother after the reveal, and he gasped. It’s this moment of, ‘whatttt…’.

Hopefully we read a little more quickly from here, but I’ll be back to review more later!



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