Thursday Thoughts

Last time I did this segment, I ranted, so I figure I should rave about something today.

What do have to rave about? Well, so far, April has been a great month for books. I just reviewed Cage of Darkness, and I’m honestly still reeling from that book. Thank god the last one comes out this year in November because I don’t know what I would do if I had to wait more than a year. Or even 6 months, let’s be real.

Don’t you just love it when books make you cry? (Trust me, this is a proper transition from Cage of Darkness because I def cried a bit–ok, a lot–at one part.) It sucks that a book is playing on your emotions like that, but that awful feeling in your chest only makes the eventual happy ending that much better.

What else do I have to rave about? How about when you’re writing a book and you actually like what you’re writing? Because that rocks. I’m 1/3 through a book I’m writing, and I’ve hit the part where I hate everything I write, so I’m really starting to appreciate when I liked what I wrote. That sense of satisfaction and smile you get when you write an interesting scene–>the best.

What do you think? Do you love or hate books that make you cry? Do you only start to love your writing after you’ve started editing? Let me know!


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