Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz

Rating: 2/5 stars

Summary: Emma is moving in with her Aunt Christine after a terrifying accident with her stepfather. With the move, comes the usual drama of a new school, bullies, and a hot guy who gives her the cold shoulder. Not to mention all the paranormal craziness that’s going on.

My Thoughts: Let’s start with the good, shall we? I thought the beginning was not bad. A decent introduction to the characters. I liked it when the main character and her love interest first got together. That was pretty cute.

Okay. Now on to the problem areas. And there were quite a few.

  1. The ‘ditch your friends now that you have a boyfriend’ trope
  2. The ‘I love you, is it too soon? Yes it’s too soon’ trope
  3. The ‘jealous and vindictive cheerleader’ trope
  4. The ‘rapey and violent jock’ trope

Beyond the silly tropes, though, my biggest problems with this book were that I was not at all a fan of any of the fantasy elements of it, and the central theme I picked up on was that the boy has to be strong and unselfish while the girl puts herself in harms way so that he can be that strong man for her. (**SPOILER: I mean, come on, what was that with her running toward the cliff’s edge? It was like a cheesy horror flick. Girl, get to a Starbucks or something, not a secluded cliff’s edge! END SPOILER**)

And again, the paranormal/fantasy parts were really not working for me. She does one spell, sees her brother’s spirit, and that’s about it. This was Twilight with even less fantasy in it.



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