180 Seconds by Jessica Park

Rating: 2/5 stars

Summary: Allison enters her junior year of college still struggling to connect with others. Her time in foster care has seriously affected her ability to trust people, even though she was adopted at 16. After accidentally entering a social experiment, she meets and surprisingly connects with the internet famous Esben. It only takes 180 seconds for the internet to see they have something special, but it might take Allison a bit longer.

My Thoughts: I’m just going to start off by saying that I was really disappointed with this book. The description sounded really interesting, and even though Flat-Out Love (another book by the author) wasn’t my favorite, I still enjoyed reading it. I’m actually going to keep this review fairly short because I feel like this is more a style preference than anything.

So, my main issue with the book was that I had trouble connecting with the characters and investing in their romance. Like I said, it might just be a style preference, but I found the way they were together and how they fell in love were too cheesy and over the top. The whole “staring into each other’s eyes for 180 seconds” was an interesting concept, but again, I found that I couldn’t believe in their supposed connection during those three minutes.

There were a bunch of other things I didn’t enjoy, but could’ve ignored had the romance been at least decent.

If you really loved Jessica Park’s other books, you might also enjoy this one, but I personally could barely get through it.


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