Wait for It by Mariana Zapata

Rating: 5/5 stars

Summary: Diana Casillas is finally settling into life with her two nephews, Louie and Josh. She has the support of her parents and friends, and she just moved into a new house. However, when a fight breaks out one of their first days in the new home, and she has to break it up, she starts to have some doubts about her decision. Especially since one of the guys has a surly brother who lives just across the street. But what else is new? For Diana, doubt is just another lovely facet of being a parent.

My Thoughts: Love love love Mariana Zapata. She is the queen of the slow burn romance. At this point, I would probably buy any book she writes without another thought.

So, of course, this book is no different.

Diana is an awesome main character who is loyal, tough, and loving to her very core. Dallas, the love interest, is also great, and I just love how they complement each other. I’d like to think Dallas needed someone to make him smile and laugh more, and Diana needed someone who makes her feel special and worthy.

And the two kids were absolutely great. A lot of books that feature a single parent tend to miss the boat with regards to the kids, but this book made them enjoyable characters in and of themselves. And they actually talk and act like their age.

I do think that this book could have been trimmed down a tad, but other than that, I can honestly say it was pretty perfect.

This book will have you squealing and laughing, and just trust me, you’ll have a good time.


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