When It’s Real by Erin Watt

Rating: 3/5 stars


Dating-ish by Penny Reid

Marie is just about to delete her online dating profile when she sees a new match. The perfect match. Derek. She sets up a date hoping for the best, but is spectacularly disappointed at the person who walks through the door. He's different than his picture and is more than bizarre. So you can imagine her surprise when she is introduced later to the same man as Matt, not Derek. And to top it all off, he then tells her the date was only for research. How demeaning, right? Well, what does Marie do? She dives right in and gets to know him of course! 5/5 stars

Wait for It by Mariana Zapata

Diana Casillas is finally settling into life with her two nephews, Louie and Josh. She has the support of her parents and friends, and she just moved into a new house. However, when a fight breaks out one of their first days in the new home, and she has to break it up, she starts to have some doubts about her decision. Especially since one of the guys has a surly brother who lives just across the street. But what else is new? For Diana, doubt is just another lovely facet of being a parent. 5/5 stars

180 Seconds by Jessica Park

Allison enters her junior year of college still struggling to connect with others. Her time in foster care has seriously affected her ability to trust people, even though she was adopted at 16. After accidentally entering a social experiment, she meets and surprisingly connects with the internet famous Esben. It only takes 180 seconds for the internet to see they have something special, but it might take Allison a bit longer. 2/5 stars

Dating on the Dork Side by Charity Tahmaseb and Darcy Vance

Camy is a high schooler who's satisfied with her life as an outsider. She has a best friend who's as geeky as her, and even though she's secretly crushing on football player, Gavin, it doesn't matter anyway because she has no chance with him. However, when she discovers a despicable website about the girls of her high school, she decides to do something about it. And then her world is turned upside, and surprisingly so are everybody else's. 3/5 stars

The Thing About Love by Julie James

Jessica is a total badass FBI agent who's impressing everyone at her undercover position in LA. However, after breaking up with her husband, she decides a change is in order, and so back to her hometown of Chicago she goes. And of all the luck, her partner in her first investigation in Chicago turns out to be John, her nemesis from Quantico. They'd have to go a long way if they're to have any semblance of peace and work together. 5/5 stars

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